Health – is one of the main components of our happy life. Various medical centers are designed to support our health and beauty in order. Choose only the high-quality medical service! You can appreciate a variety of dental clinics and centers of aesthetic medicine.


La OCCIDENT veți fi întampinat într-o atmosferă caldă și prietenoasă de o echipă profesionistă. Vă asigurăm un înalt nivel de eficiență, confort operator și igienă...

NOVADENT Consultations in English and Organization of dental treatment in Moldova: Balti 101, Decebal Street

Family Dental Clinic

Clinic Dental Implantodent

Welcome to Omni Dent – arguably the most advanced dental experience in Chishinau. We unite exceptional clinical success rate and superior technologies with age old norms of ...

Health is the most important thing we have in our life, that’s why the correct health care must be a priority for all of us. The Revimed Centre is your partner in maintaining an ...

By using our virtual tour, people will be able to select the appropriate center, taking into account a number of parameters. Your beauty and health, first of all, are in your hands, and then in the hands of professionals!