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The teeth must be protected and properly cared. Because on their condition depends not only beautiful smile, but also the functioning of the whole organism. Dentists - professionals and high-quality equipment will help to keep your mouth in order. We invite you to take a virtual tour and choose the right clinic for you.



Cu o experienţă de peste 8 ani Centrul Stomatologic ,,Almamd Sudio,, vă stă la dispoziţie cu un colectiv demedici stomatologi tineri, calificaţi si dedicati meseriei pe care ...

La OCCIDENT veți fi întampinat într-o atmosferă caldă și prietenoasă de o echipă profesionistă. Vă asigurăm un înalt nivel de eficiență, confort operator și igienă...

NOVADENT Consultations in English and Organization of dental treatment in Moldova: Balti 101, Decebal Street

Family Dental Clinic

Welcome to Omni Dent – arguably the most advanced dental experience in Chishinau. We unite exceptional clinical success rate and superior technologies with age old norms of ...

By choosing one of the dental centers, you will receive professional service, cutting-edge materials and treatments! Hollywood smile - it's possible!