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# Name Quality of foodVariety of menuServicePriceDecorCapacity
1International Park - 12222222
2Elena - 6111111
3SanMari - 0000000
4Roxen Hotel & Spa - 0000000
5La Duca - 0000000
6Scaune.md - 0000000
7Exclusiv - 0000000
8Sitapp - 0000000
9Dinamit.md - 0000000
10Plovdiv-Balti - 0000000

Rules and the principle of voting of «Top 10 Restaurants».

You can vote for your favorite on our site in the category «Top 10 Restaurants», on the restaurant's profile just click "Support restaurant in the top" next to the restaurant contacts.

You can vote on one of the three options:

• To rate 1 restaurant in the one category;
• To rate 1 restaurant in all 6 categories (food quality, the variety of menu, service, the price, room design, seating capacity);
• To rate various restaurants in the selected categories.

In each category you can rate only one restaurant. At your will in any of the categories you can assign no one point, none of the restaurants. The maximum number of points put up in the same category is no more than 1.

To finish voting you must go through the selection process in all categories and click «ОК». You may change your choice by returning back before you click «ОК».

On the first day of each month on the site will be published voting data in a special block: photos, names of restaurants with links to profiles of the winning participants of the «Top 10 Restaurants» in accordance with the taken places for the previous month.

Deciding the winner. The winner is the restaurant that outvotes.

The method of vote counting. If two or more restaurants have the same number of points, the winner is the one for whom has voted the most of site visitors.