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The guest house “Resedinta Rotundu” is located in the most picturesque place in the Republic of Modova – the tourist complex of “Old Orhei”. “Old Orhei” is a renowned archaeological complex in our country and abroad. Its natural beauty is due to the specific relief of the rocky bed of the river Răut that meanders around the villages of Trebujeni and Butuceni.

This is the most preferred destination for tourists coming to Moldova; but what entices them to Old Orhei?

  • Historical significance - the first human beings appeared in the area during the distal era of the Paleolithic, and continued to settle the area through the Geto-Dacian period, moving into the memorable and beautiful Golden Horde dating back to the XIV century, when the city was called Shehri's -Jadid.
  • Local mystery - the legends that live on and cover the area like a blanket of fog. Come discover some of them for yourself.
  • Local beauty - scenic locations, rocks, the river, cave monastery and hollows. And of course, Old Orhei entices tourists with its well-known eco-hostels.

The guest house “Resedinta Rotundu” successfully combines the naturalness, purity and tranquillity of the ecological village life with modern technological convenience that makes you feel as part of nature, while staying in comfort.

This delightful location offers visitors a restaurant (with bar), with a capacity of 30 seats, open year round, and summer terraces (balconies) seat 50, 16 and 8 people. Here you can enjoy delicious dishes prepared from locally-sourced natural ingredients and fine wines produced on site.

At your disposal is a three-room hotel which will satisfy the most refined tastes. The rooms are a harmonious combination of traditional Moldovan (local) and Shabby chic design. All the rooms are equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, private bathrooms, hairdryers and TVs.

After a full day immersed in the local magic and scenery, you can relax in a wood heated sauna while sipping authentic Moldovan tea made from herbs picked from the garden.

Very popular with master tourists “in the know” is to take part in seasonal activities and authentic holiday traditions. In the spring you can sweep the vineyards, plant vegetables or pick luscious cherries. The summer offers lake and river fishing as well as picking succulent and tasty fruits and vegetables. The Moldovan autumn begins with grapes harvesting and the production of traditional house wines, pickles and other fruit and vegetable preserves. Of course, in winter, you can enjoy the spectacle of Moldovan long holiday celebrations. Make memories by visiting our special Christmas and Easter Celebration Villages where you can better understand the local traditions while getting to sample homemade flavours.

Here you have the opportunity to observe or take part in traditional cooking every day. Don’t miss out on the unmistakable atmosphere of assisting with Moldovan hearth-cooking in a wood-heated oven while enjoying the renowned hospitality of the locals.

After you’ve sampled the simple beauty and charm that awaits you here, we know you will be impatient to return to our little corner of Moldova to relive them once again.

We meet you, as a dear guest and see you off, as a good friend!


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