«Virtual Tur» Company can offer you 3-D visualization services for displaying any commercial and living objects. With our help you can easily present your client any space, building or leisure and recreational facilities.

Today more and more purchasing and ordering services take place in the online world. Psychologists affirm that about 80% of information is received by humans with organs of vision. A today’s consumer of goods and services wants to have preliminary information about a place or a service he is going to buy. The best way to see it is to use 3-D tours which create almost absolute presence effect.

Advantages that virtual tours have

A virtual tour, which is a combination of several 3-D views, is the most high-profitable and attractive kind of advertising. It is not a secret that today the Internet is the most effective platform to advertise goods and services. We’ll help you not only to issue news about your company, but also create a great impressive virtual tour. It won’t take your customer long to make a decision in your favour! They are sure to share the links on social networks with their partners.

Why you should choose Virtual Tur?

We’ll eliminate your thoughts and save your time. We work not only effectively, but also quickly!

Here are the reasons why you should choose our company:

- attention to details. We work at the highest level and check preliminary the smallest details of the object we film.

- our specialists always find shooting point competently and professionally. It is very important to get the right angle: it is a key to success in the whole project.

- a virtual tour is done to perfection in our studio. Our specialists process the panorama, make the correction of light and colour, retouch images and create a real masterpiece in the end.

- we have also developed HTML5 tours for mobile devices. Due to the introduction of HTML5 tours into the market, we increased the mobile devices owners’ interest from 7% to 39% during the year. Look, it’s fairly much! • taking into account our great experience, we are able to find a solution to any situation. There were a lot of different projects and cases, but we never gave up! This is exactly why we have been an absolute leader on the 3-D visualization market of Moldova for the last nine years.

Our individual approach to solving your task will please you.

We are ready for an open dialogue and cooperation.

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The team of «Virtual Tur» Company.

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