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Cakes, loaves and drinks

5205 05 May 2016

Cakes, loaves and drinks – are the permanent attribute of a successful holiday. No one event passes without them. As a rule, the cake becomes the final chord of the holiday. Bakery food and regale with celebratory loaves is a long tradition of our nation. Drinks help to create an atmosphere of fun and good mood.

The forerunner of the modern cake is ordinary bread, which was baked for weddings, christenings and other ceremonies. Modern cake – the one we are used to see today, appeared in the 17th century in Paris. Since then was born a trend on cream cakes from a variety of ingredients and later became popular the multilayer cake.

Cake with white cream appeared in the days of Queen Victoria. Then, the color was associated with the bride, purity and innocence.

Cake has become an important part of any celebration, not just of weddings. Baking of a quality cake that will delight the owners and guests of celebration - is a priority for our confectioners.

The loaves - one of the most important traditional attributes of any celebration here in Moldova. At the holiday feast loaves symbolize the conservation of the traditions, succession and prosperity. The rite, which is named «break in two» between bride and groom, predicts - who will be the head in house. Wedding loaf is a symbol of eternal love, as its round shape means infinity. According to the ancient tradition godparents gift their godson the loaf as a symbol of gratitude and respect for the vote of privilege.

By custom, each guest should have just a taste of the wedding cake or a loaf, as it is believed that it will bring good luck. It means that guests by dividing the loaf also share the pleasure of the important event that happens in the life of the celebration’s owners.

Bakeries and confectioners shops ensure you high quality and excellent taste of baking. Your guests will be delighted. We will find an individual «delicious» solution for small family celebration and for the grand celebration. Enjoy the taste of fresh pastries and exquisite sweets.